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$RIFT is an ERC-20 token which grants various in-game benefits. $RIFT can only be obtained through completing various in-game achievements or by receiving a grant for providing significant contributions to the game ecosystem. We plan to distribute this token to players at no gas cost on the Immutable X Protocol to Ethereum.

$RIFT is energy produce by spacetime rifts. Scientists from the game's Scholar's Guild have discovered that $RIFT can be redeemed for a variety of in-game rewards that result from spacetime manipulation!
(precise levels and multipliers will be subject to refinement during game development)
Spender Benefits
Staking Benefits
Character Fusing: Bring together doppelgängers from different timelines and fuse them into an ultimate form.
Superior Fast Travel: Open up a rift to create your personal superhighway across spacetime.
Minting NFT Items: $RIFT will be required to mint certain NFT items such as armour and weapon sets
In-Dungeon Revive: Use rift energy to turn back time and revive fallen allies.
Cosmetic Items: Pull fashions from a rift that haven't been seen for centuries, or won't be seen for centuries to come!
Immune to Time Sickness: Keep some rift energy close to stave off the effects of time-hopping.
Time-Sickness Recovery Item: Take a quick hit of rift energy to recover fully from time-sickness.
Reward Multiplier: Go time hopping to multiply the amount of token awarded that fortnight for playing the game provided staked amount is above a moving threshold of rift energy
Staking in isolation will not yield $RIFT, however staking can multiply the rewards provided through playing.
We plan to use this token in subsequent games in our gaming worlds to help provide sustained utility for many years.

$CHRONOS isn't going away and will be redeemable in future for pets, cosmetics and NFT class-switching. We needed to introduce $RIFT to give new players access to a game currency in a controlled way that will result in a healthy, scalable game economy.
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