PxQuest Guide
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If you want to chat directly to the game developers, network with founders, see sneak peeks of the game or win free stuff then jump into our Discord and follow our Twitter!
We run a mix of games, our GuildSpaces Twitter AMA series, whitelist giveaways for partner projects and even NFT giveaways.
You can find the weekly events calendar in the #Minor-Announcements channel of our Discord server.
Weekly Calendar
For the more serious investors or gamers amongst you, we encourage you to read our medium blog where we explain our project strategy and game design decisions.

Discord roles

Holder Roles Explained:
@Adventurer - 1-4 Adventurers @The Village - 5-9 Adventurers @One Man Army - 10+ Adventurers @The Battalion - 20+ Adventurers @The Legion - 40+ Adventurers
Level Roles Explained:
Level 5- @Wanderer Level 10- @Roamer Level 15- @Trekker Level 20- @Journeyman Level 25- @Lead Journeyman Level 30- @Explorer Level 35- @Voyager Level 40- @Pioneer Level 45- @Quest Seeker Level 50- @Seer of the Lands