PxQuest Guide
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The Game

Our game is a desktop free-to-play action RPG centred upon dungeon raiding and a kingdom-building collaborative economy. You can play with or without crypto and NFTs. If you are comfortable with crypto, you can own and trade your characters, land, mounts, pets and loot as carbon-neutral NFTs.

What sort of Game is this?

The game is similar to World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV, but with some major gameplay differences.

Do I have to own cryptocurrencies and NFTs to play?

Nope. You can play for free or with a USD account and never have to engage with crypto. You can switch over at anytime to an NFT-based account if you later decide that crypto asset trading is for you. This easy on-ramp from web2 to web3 is why we call ourselves a web2+3 hybrid.

Is this 'Pay to Win'?

Nope. Combat in PxQuest is real-time, Player versus Environment (PvE) and requires cooperation between different classes to succeed. Well-equipped but unskilled players will be quickly dispatched by higher tier enemies.

Why Add NFTs to Games?

Our team loved pioneering multiplayer RPGs like World of Warcraft but were frustrated that, after pouring years of efforts and funds into the game, the developers forbade trading this value with other players.
By making our game items, characters, pets and mounts tradable NFTs we are helping players get back some of the value they put into creating and improving those assets. In future this will include both official game content and user-generated content.
Not a fan of NFTs? No stress. You can also play the full game in traditional style with purely server-based assets.

Aren't NFTs bad for the environment?

It depends on how the NFTs are made! Your game NFTs will be minted on Immutable X - a carbon-neutral blockchain layer, meaning your NFT won't be adding to greenhouse gas emissions!