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I got it...now wot?

The PxQuest Super Node is a super fast private ethereum node supplied by our beloved partner JustCubes! You can use it to snipe popular public mints and just generally enjoy faster transaction speeds, instead of the slower default public nodes Metamask and other providers use.
What the heck is a node?

The Super Node is just slightly slower than the Hyper Node (reserved for JustCubes holders) but still benchmarked to be faster than anything else on the market - including major providers like Alchemy and Infura. This means you have a much better chance of sniping public mints that just about anyone else!

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    Using the wallet that either holds or has staked your PxQuest adventurer, open your MetaMask, click on the network tab and “Add Network”.
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    Don't worry about the error with chain ID, that just tells you that you already have a network connected to the Ethereum chain. Name: PXQuest Supernode RPC URL: Chrome/Brave: http://pxquest.supernode.justcubesnodes.io:8545/ Mobile/Firefox: https://pxquest.supernode.justcubesnodes.io:8542/ Chain ID: 1 Currency Symbol: ETH
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    To use the node make sure you have "PXQuest Supernode" selected as your network
Now enjoy the benefits of faster, more reliable connection to the Ethereum network
If you have any further questions, jump into the JustCubes discord and hit up their team

Yes it does! Just connect to the PXQuest Supernode using whichever wallet staked the Adventurer NFT.

Jump in the Just Cubes Discord and hit up their support team!
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