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What will my NFT do for me?

PxQuest adventurers are more than just a piece of retro pixel art; they are the playable, tradeable characters of our RPG and capable of a variety of generative blockchain functions.
Holders of generation 1 and 2 adventurers can also play our Arena Dueller, have free JustCubes SuperNode access, purchase whitelist spots for other projects and earn exclusive in-game mounts, pets and loot NFTs.
All Gen 1 and Gen 2 adventurers are also playable in a range of partner metaverses including WorldWideWebb (live), ArcadeLand (live!), Pixlverse (soon).

$RIFT is an ERC-20 token which grants various in-game benefits. $RIFT can only be obtained through completing various in-game achievements or by receiving a grant for providing significant contributions to the game ecosystem. We plan to distribute this token to players at no gas cost on the Immutable X Protocol to Ethereum. All adventurers (including gen 3 and beyond) will be able to earn $RIFT token by playing the game.
$CHRONOS is a utility token awarded specifically to holders of gen 1 and 2 adventurers. Our 5000 generation 1 adventurers can summon 2500 generation 2 adventurers using $CHRONOS. Both Gen 1 and Gen 2 Adventurers yield 5 $Chronos a day.
Genesis NFTs and $Chronos are minted on the Ethereum Mainnet.
Disclaimer: the $Chronos utility token is not an investment. It has utility purely within the PxQuest gaming ecosystem. The developers have no plans to make a secondary market available for $Chronos. The value of 1 $Chronos is only ever 1 $Chronos

We have developed a browser-based turn-based dueller for your Adventurer NFTs. Each class has special move sets and stats tweaks that make this a true game of skill to get you warmed up for the main MMORPG!

Your adventurer NFT is playable in several partner gaming metaverses! Simply visit their websites below.
Coming Soon

Holding an adventurer in your wallet gives you access to a JustCubes SuperNode! The SuperNode is a superfast private node for your transactions that allow you to snipe ahead of others for high-demand public and oversubscribed mints. It is substantially faster than anything else we've seen on the market - including bigtime providers like Alchemy and Infura. By simply holding a PxQuest adventurer in your wallet, all your transactions including mints, eth transfers and gaming would be able to use the SuperNode. Learn how to set it up here. Access is limited to an exclusive set of partners who helped JustCubes get off the ground.

Prior to the launch of the RPG and subject to community approval, a third general of unlimited supply adventurers will be released on Immutable X to support a player base in the hundreds of thousands. Generation 3 adventurers will not be available in the generation 1 or 2 races (thereby preserving their rarity of previous generations) and will not produce $Chronos.
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